Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rockin' and Rollin'

This was this morning before school.
Jay rides this Plasma Car every second he's downstairs. Seriously. He never walks at all on the main level, just rides around and around and around. Watch your toes and your infants!

Lizzy has some wheels these days too.

 What I wouldn't give for a picture of these two together sometime. Here's this morning's attempt at togetherness.

Once again, its Fat Tuesday and I haven't decided on my Lenten Sacrifice. I have only been to Target twice in 2013 (as opposed to almost daily in 2012) so, that may really be it. One of those times was today. I tend to get a little mindless while I'm there. I also have realized that when Target's your only happy place, its time to re-evaluate-so, i've slowed it down and stopped going to Target every chance I get. Turns out I have a lot more "happy places" than I thought. No retail therapy needed. :)

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