Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Few quick finds

Jay and Lizzy have a new favorite restaurant-- FIREHOUSE SUBS!

They both ate great and got cool hats. (4 cool hats to be exact)

**If you ask Jay, his "fravrorite" restaurant is Cracker Barrel--this is due to the fact that he got a toy there on Saturday. He also compliments their chicken and sprite though. I promised him we'd go this week, so it looks like we're taking Mimi there tomorrow.

Unrelated--I bought one of these bunnies at an Antique store for $25 last week (it's vintage!!) the other at Dollar General today for $1.50.
Both will be making an appearance at our house this spring, because I'm eccentric like that. I hope they can be friends.

We're off to Nashville to visit Mimi in an hour and I have 6,000 things to do! Ta-ta!!

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