Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

I made heart-shaped french toast this morning and gave out our treats. Jay got a baseball bat, glove, and balls, candy and a card. Lizzy got a new push toy with balls to (hopefully) entertain her while we're outside and a card and Daddy got lots of cards, candy and baseballs.

I think mentally I'm shifting to springtime and hope we're outside enjoying some good weather soon. It's been raining here a LOT lately.

Jay's been running a fever so we kept him home from school today, but we did go by and drop off his class valentines and collected his valentines from his classmates.

We're off to the doctor in the morning with Jay. Hopefully this is something that will go away as quickly as it came.

Last year on Valentine's Day I did all of Lizzy's laundry (we'd celebrated with a baby shower the weekend before). This year on Valentine's Day she dumped all of her clean laundry in the floor helped me do her laundry while Jay napped.

This was Lizzy's last "first" holiday. It just doesn't seem possible that she's almost a year old. We've come so far/done so much/been through so many changes in the last year I can barely wrap my head around it. I hope I can remember all of this one day, but really right now it all seems like a blur.

Back to Valentine's Day....Daddy brought home tons of takeout Sushi which he and I enjoyed, then we moved back into sick-2-year-old-mode and have taken turns with Jay all night.

Here's to an easy trip to the doctor in the morning so we can get back to normal life.

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