Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday {March} Madness

Just some more what I feel like are hectic days for us this weekend and Monday--I feel like I'm always saying how "crazy" or "busy" or "hectic" things are lately. I think it is just the reality of having a NEARLY 1 year old and a 2.5 year old. Some days we're rocking and rolling--others we're coping and dealing. Ha!

Exhibit A: Kimber and I took both kids to Cottontails yesterday. Yeah, I know what you're probably thinking but overall the kids were pretty darn good. Enter the Easter Bunny pic. I paid Santa (literally the Santa who is at Christmas Village for the photo op) the required $20 for my kids to sit with the Easter Bunny and have their photo made and get the small package of prints.

Somehow, whilst I was putting my kids on Mrs. Claus' the Easter Bunny's lap, the somewhat-sketchy photographer recruited Kimber to come stand behind his camera and snap the pictures, I overheard him giving her some direction, but was so puzzled I just sort of went with it (as did she). So, the photographer stands way off to the right and distracts the kids, Kimber clicks the button a few times and wham-bam here's your picture.

Kimber and I were shocked, got the creepy picture with a creepy Easter Bunny and laughed lots. Jay was just pleased as punch that he got to see the Easter Bunny, Lizzy just smiled her sweet smile and went about her merry way. I have a feeling the kids will question my judgement about this creepy bunny when they are older and see this pic. Oy.

I tried to get a quick pic of the kids before church yesterday. Ha!

 Lizzy's been playing more and more like a big girl these days. I guess it is time-she's about to be a "toddler".

I finally took Jay for a much needed haircut on Friday.

After--I wanted to keep it long this time.

Today, Jay packed a bag and insisted on going to Lowe's.

I wasn't sure why he wanted to go--but why not? SO then we got there and he did this....

...for an hour and a half. It was free (mostly), safe (mostly) entertainment and Lizzy had a ball too.

Oh and we tried one of these today--

..all went well until it turned into a cage match over the container of Cheerios. They actually got into a fight and both cried the whole way through the store. We were only there for about 5 minutes, but 2 different grandmas offered to help me due to the volume of the fits being thrown in my cart. :) Just dandy.

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