Monday, January 23, 2017

Valentine's Day Decorations 2017

I've officially put away all of the trees and Christmas decor that had been decking our halls since November and immediately put out Valentine's Day decorations because little Lizzy was so sad. 

Here's a peek of what we have out so far this year!

Flowers for the front door...
 Dishes and dishes...
 These are all from Target years and years ago

 ....and these are Pottery Barn Kids from last year. 

I still need to switch out our dishes and get out my pink Moderntone dishes.....and according to Lizzy we need to add lots more Valentine things because "we don't even have one single tree up or anything!" Haha! Sweet girl loved all of the Christmas stuff and this has made her want more, more, more! 

Happy Valentining and Decorating y'all! 

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