Monday, January 16, 2017

Photos of the Family

Get ready to get comfy and catch a glimpse of living life with Jay and Lizzy.

Every year we have the kid's photos taken by my favorite photographer friend.

She's amazing and talented and quite a trooper. She was at the hospital when Jay was just hours old, and she's documented the growth (in size and personality) of my two kiddos ever since. I am so grateful that our paths crossed. If you're in Alabama or Tennessee and want to talk with her about photos--visit her website here-- (you'll recognize some darling kids featured on her website, but I don't receive anything for saying any of this).

Now for this year's pics.

I took the kids to Tuscaloosa one fall afternoon we spent some time at CHOM, snacked on some tacos then met Miriam to start pictures.

We ended this part of the day on a high note...laughing and tickling our way around one block of downtown Tuscaloosa. We had the best time! Tomorrow I'll show you the fun idea Miriam had (I just adore creative, talented people!!) and the second half of our photos.

All photos were taken by Images by Naomi and are owned by me. While I think these kids are adorable, you can't use these pics without my permission. (Legal internet jargon to keep us from turning into unpaid spokespeople. Haha!)

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