Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Photos of The Family- Super Hero Style

In my last post I talked about how great and creative my friend Miriam is, and today you'll see another reason I love her.

We were scheduled to take pictures the 2nd week of October. (I book the same week every single year. Like clockwork.) I got a text a few days before asking if I happened to have the kids Halloween costumes yet. (which made me laugh because, yes. Of course I did. My children pick what they want to be in July. They are earlybirds in virtually every sense of the word.)

So Miriam asked that I bring them along...maybe get a few quick shots. And oh my did my kids have fun with this!

Jay had the best time running around like he was Flash. Lizzy really got into her tough girl role as Wonder Woman.

I'm so glad we have these pictures! I never would have thought to use our photo time (we're always hoping for the Christmas Card pic!) to document the kids Halloween costumes. Now we've captured these awesome memories of the fun they had that evening really portraying their character for the camera.

 I love the idea of a Halloween photo shoot, but more than that I love how simple this was and how it all came together!

Again the lovely and talented Images by Naomi gets all of the credit for shooting these awesome photos. 

(The photos above are mine, so use them to inspire yourself, not to make money for yourself. You'll need my permission before turning this Wonder Woman or Flash into your spokesmodel.)

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