Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 er, 1994 with Jason Aldean

There is NOTHING I love more than little ones in Indian and Pilgrim costumes!

Singing sweet songs about turkeys, Indians and giving thanks to Jesus.


We went to our little preschool program this morning, then Jay's class feast.

You may have caught Jay saying he's thankful for "Dirt Road"--he really is. (He means "Dirt Road Anthem" by Jason Aldean.) Its also what he told me for 3 days when I tried to help him complete his "homework" by talking about all of the many blessings we have and all we have to be thankful him lots of examples like family, our warm home, even his dog. Every single time he said Dirt Road. So after many failed attempts to get to something deeper I reluctantly filled in the blank on his feather. not knowing he would then be asked to share wheat he was thankful for with a room full of parents and loved ones.

But then his teacher "Had something to ask me about....." uh-oh! then she showed me this.

"What is the significance of 1994? He was serious about it so I went ahead and wrote it down."

Well, Mrs. Phillips here you are-- Jason Aldean's 1994 video.

And Mr. Jason Aldean, if you ever come across this post on the world wide interwebs, just know that my little 3 year old wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Proud parent moment number 6,439.

Happy Thanksgiving from the cutest little Indian I've ever seen!

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the cascading red locks over his head dress, shall we? 

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