Monday, November 4, 2013

So grown up!

We took a quick trip to Nashville for the weekend and I kept findings self thinking how grown up Jay and Lizzy seem these days.

We had a quick trip to the doc on Friday for Liz and spent some time taking pictures to pass the time.

We visited Mimi and went to Jay's favorite restaurant-The Cracker Barrel.

"They have chicken AND toys!"

We ran errands for Mimi, went to church on Sunday for a wonderful All Saints service. The kids did so well in big church and the nursery! I was so proud of Lizzy for making herself right at home and very proud if Jay who shook hands with lots of men at church and had the best big-boy manners when meeting new people and friends of Nanny's.

Where did my babies go?

I'm also so proud of Kelsey and CJ who sang beautifully in front of the congregation!

We played outside in our church clothes, then grabbed some lunch and headed back to Mom's then home to Alabama.

The kids had a wonderful time and I date say it was an easier trip since these two we're acting so grown up!
Jay told CJ he was his "best frand" and kept putting his arm around him during church. So cute!

Oh, and since we had three hours to fill before preschool this morning, Lizzy taught herself how to open Capri suns. I took the above pic to send to Joseph to show him how she was entertaining herself. Then this happened. 

At least she shared....these two are quite the team.

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