Thursday, September 19, 2013

Weekend Breakfast: Chocolate Monkey Bread

A few Saturdays ago, I baked up a treat for breakfast and I am so glad I did!

We had several "drop in" visitors that day and it was so great to have some of the leftovers from this sweet treat to snack on all day long.

I also made it Labor Day weekend and it was another all day hit.

I came up with my Monkey Bread on the fly. I guess I should explain my methodology here. I read recipes all the time, but very rarely actually follow a recipe while cooking. I'll come across something that sounds good, read the recipe then store it on a mental shelf.

Then I usually pick up some needed ingredients along the way, and throw together my version. It's always based off of an actual recipe, but not terribly scientific. It works for me 99% of the time. I will refer directly to a recipe if it's a technique I've never tried before and of course when baking, because that's like science.

All of that to say, I read a few Chocolate Monkey Bread recipes. If you're looking for one, this looks like a good one and Shay's recipes seem to be easy to follow.

I read this one, among others....but what I actually did was

Preheated to 350 and sprayed my bundt pan.
Opened 3 cans of fridge biscuits, cut each biscuit into quarters. (I used Grands Flaky Layers Original) (why there are so many types of canned biscuits just boggles my mind)
Metled 2 sticks of better
Dipped each is biscuit piece in butter
Then dredged it in one large box of chocolate pudding powder (not prepared)
Randomly stacked the pieces and added a few layers of milk chocolate chips
Poured the remaining melted butter over that bad boy and baked for 28-30 minutes.

Y'all it was awesome for breakfast. Again at 10, 12, and 2...and for a midnight snack, too.

I would definitely take this to a tailgate, or any sort of all day function.

Saturdays may officially become Monkey Bread Monings at our house!

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