Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday

1. I'm hosting two fun parties over the next month and have officially started gearing up! One is a baby shower for sweet Kimber and the other is a fall party that will be SO fun for the kids and a great day for moms.

Thankfully, the trees have gotten on board and started dropping some leaves this week.

2. I scheduled the kids pictures with the oh-so-talented ImagesbyNaomi just a few days after she updated her website. I am just LOVING the models she chose (click on Featured: Naomi's Favorites).

(and loving that folks I don't know have a peek inside my bathroom! Ha!!)

(Also, that photo of Jay was taken while he was laying in the floor of our garage ((IN HIS CHURCH CLOTHES!!)) refusing to have his picture made. Because she is a great photographer and never gives up, Miriam captured the essence of my boy at two-and-a-half)

3. We've started going to Wednesday night church and I am co-teaching the 3 year olds. Pray that God gives me whatever it is I need to help teach 12 or so preschoolers about His love for them. Pray that they will have fun and learn some Jesus from me!

4. There's nothing like being in charge of a room full of 3 year olds to tell you "YOUR THREE YEAR OLD IS TOTALLY NORMAL." For better or for worse this is a fun age and it seems to be universal.

5. I've been on a serious canning kick in case you missed it. I will try to post a "What-I've-Learned-So-Far" post next week, because I have learned a great many things starting this new hobby.

Thanks for stopping in for Five on Friday! This is a fun link up!!

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