Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Menu Monday {4}

Technically, it's Tuesday.

We've been in and out of town over the last few weeks and tonight's dinner was 2 different drive thrus (2 different vehicles)....we have lots going on this week, and Lizzy is up and down tonight which makes me think we may be visiting out favorite pediatrician during walk-in hour in the moring--but I still have to sit down and figure out dinner, so here we go!

Taco Tuesday! We just need a basic taco night tonight.
Lasagna from the freezer (factoring this in just in case Liz is sick)
Big salads (chicken, egg, nuts, bacon, kitchen sink, etc.)
Arroz con Pollo (which is Chicken and Rice) this is a new one from a new cookbook I picked up a few weeks ago....if it's good I'll be sure to share. I have high hopes!

That's our week!! Time to get cooking!

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