Friday, September 13, 2013

Labor Day at the Farm

We had another fun weekend with the family at the Hunting Club over Labor Day weekend.

We drove down on Saturday and spent the night with the Oswalt Family at their farm at the Hunting Club.

Clearly the kids were having fun. I think this was a dance party followed by some air mattress belly flop (which I am sure Lizzy perfected over the weekend)?

We all had a good time, got a little dirty and enjoyed the fresh air.

Jay and Daddy rode around on the Ranger doing hunting chores and Lizzy and I hung around the house. Sunday we went for a little walk with Leigh Ann and Alleigh and sweet Lizzy was so tired she fell asleep while sitting up on my shoulders.

We made s'mores Saturday night after the Alabama game and Jay pretty much talks about them every single day.

We picked lots of apples, and our little family worked together on Monday and made 22 jars of apple butter!


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