Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt 2013

We traveled to Nashville for the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Pennington United Methodist Church today. It was great fun, nevermind what you may think if after seeing our bunny FAIL pic--


A photographer friend of mine likes to remind me that its always about capturing life as it is at this phase. Well, I would say this pic sums it up. Lizzy screaming when anyone else is holding her and Jay lying in the floor in protest. IN FRONT OF 50 PEOPLE. 

It was really hilarious and Lizzy only cried for a second. Thanks for being a good sport EB, can't wait for next year!

On to the hunt!!

The helpers or "bunny wranglers" wear these awesome hats, so Jay had to have one as well. Because he, too, is awesome. 

We listened to the Easter story....

Visited with some awesome animals at the petting zoo... 

Loving Kelsey's face here!!

 Had a blast hunting eggs....


then napped for 150 miles or so on the way home!

Thanks to Ms. Keven and everyone at PUMC for a GREAT GREAT DAY!

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