Monday, March 18, 2013

After Lizzy's Birthday I will....

There have been lots of things I've been putting off until after Lizzy's birthday. Not really because Lizzy's birthday would interfere, its just that I sometimes find its easier to pick a time to switch gears and her birthday seemed like a decent point of procrastination  milestone for getting things together. Do you do things  like this or is it just me??

Either way, its here "after Lizzy's birthday". I am plotting and planning in my head and it gives me an ounce of accountability to blog about it. It seems more sane to call it "blogging about it" when this is really a glorified way of talking to myself. But I appreciate you "listening".

So "after Lizzy's birthday"..

-  i'm getting back on a house cleaning schedule. I had one for our old house while it was on the market and it really helped me. I wrote out a version for this week and am testing it out for this house. Hopefully, it will work!

- getting bedtimes back. This really just went nuts with the time change and longer daylight, but there have been several days that Jay has seen 10 pm. No bueno. So, as of tonight we're getting our routine back . We ALL need it.

- helping Jay become fully potty-trained. Started this one anew today. So far, so good.

- finish settling into/organizing/furnishing New House. I am prepared that this may take 5-7 more years, but a complete standstill is never a good thing.

-getting Lizzy to eat/try more foods.

- we need music. I hope to freshen up the iPod with some things for the kids and I to jam to during the day and for Joseph and I to enjoy together. This seems like a small thing, but I think the constant Maw and Ruby tunes and Dora theme song as our soundtrack is taking its toll on us all.

Happy "after Lizzy's Birthday" Monday y'all! I hope you're knocking out those to-do's too!!


  1. "finish settling into/organizing/furnishing New House"....well you sure had me fooled this weekend. It look VERY well organized/furnished/settled into to me!

  2. Oh, and out of town guest to ruin all your great plans:)