Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where we are this week...

Things are really taking off here at the Casa, and we couldn't be happier!

Jay is exploring more and more and is crawling at a steady pace, although he would like to be held standing up or ride around on Mommy's hip most of the time if you ask him.

Las week, Mowhawk Friday, post-nap
Getting prepared for take-off

I tried sneaking up on him while he was crawling.
Note the scary iron coffee table- this is why we spend more time playing downstairs these days.

Post-nap hair these days. Note: this was NOT Mowhawk Friday. I will try to get a pic of the back before we get it cut, it is crazy!

We're in more of a rhythm and I feel like I am at a good place with the wife-mom-self balance. All of the baby weight is gone and then some. I'm cooking dinner almost every night and breakfast every day (except some weekend mornings when Daddio gets breakfast or we go out for a family breakfast date). I have time to learn and grow spiritually AND get the laundry done. Daddio is able to spend time with us in the morning and gets home in the evening with more play time with Jay before bed. We're taking care of lots of small projects around the house and feeling like we are in the swing of things.

Things are "normal" and I LOVE it.

Now that I've said that I fully expect for everything to be turned upside down, but we will figure that out too and get to know the next "new normal" when it comes along. For now, we're happy, having fun, healthy, learning and growing as individuals and as a family.

I'm working on planning Joseph's birthday party, Jay's birthday party (already "planned" and it is 4 months away), building and growing my bamboopink team (104 team members and counting), and making our, shopping, cleaning, make a list and start again, it took me a few months to figure it out, but I've learned it pretty much all revolves around those 4 steps. :)

Jay is working on growing so fast that his 1st birthday outfit might need to be a 2T. He is still a great sleeper and eater and I really think this is what has kept him healthy so far, that and the fact that I still won't take him to really crowded places like Wal-Mart. (Sorry, folks, gotta be real about this one--too many strangers, 24 hour operation, no time to close and clean and EVERYONE in Alabama feels the need to stop and talk to my red-headed chubby-cheeked baby.)

Joseph is working on taking care of lots of little "to-do's" we've overlooked for months and it is really helping our home run like it should. Thanks, Daddio. You keep us afloat.

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