Saturday, March 12, 2011


Jay got a new carseat!

I forgot to take a picture of him actually riding in it!

I am working to keep  get things more organized since we are on the go more (and I got a new car, which is pretty motivating). I love my ppb bag from Downtown Baby, but when we're packing up for the day we need a few more just-in-case type of items than my fabulous bag allows....

I got the smaller bag so I wouldn't schlep around with a ton of stuff so, here's my strategy--pack the "what-if" items in a smaller bag that can be kept in the car or just dropped into a larger bag when I am carrying a bigger bag for the day--here you are--

From upper left-disposable bibs, disposable table toppers, powder formula packs (I have a backup liner and nipple in the diaper bag already), Dreft pre-treater pen, onesie (I decided on a white longsleeved in a size larger than we actually wear now since I have heard other moms say that sometimes the "back-up" clothes they have are a size or two small by the time they actually need them) Burp cloth, disposable changing pad, first aid kit and handy zippered bag (which was saved from the gift when it was given, I just thought it might come in handy one day. 
Ta-da! (I also threw in a bottle of sunscreen to keep in the car.) We have stowed it away in the car along with our handy highchair/grocery cart cover. Hopefully this will keep me from a.) forgetting something I may need and b.) lugging around an overstuffed diaper bag and only using 1 or 2 of the 17 random items I carry in it. The diaper bag has basics now-diapers, wipes, bottle, diaper rash stuff, diaper garbage bags, a few toys, a spoon. 

Our newly lightened bag was great today when we took Jay to his VERY FIRST ALABAMA ATHLETIC EVENT--SOFTBALL, of course!! 

Regrettably, I didn't think to bust out the camera until right before we left when our little Turkey was all gobbled out. But, here is a picture of Jay in the bottom of the 4th (it was Bama vs. UNC- run rule)

We had a really fun day today, going to lunch in T-town with the Harshmans, visiting some friends at softball and seeing a great game. I think we will try to take in a few more this spring, since next year we may be chasing him!


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