Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not sure if I have words...

I can't really explain how much fun it has been to be Jay's mommy these last few weeks. The weather has been getting better, we're out and about more with parties, lunches and errands and Jay loves all of it. I regret not taking photos of everything, but here are some moments to share and remember from the last few weeks. We're really just playing and having a grand ol' time!

Hey Gus!

This child is BONKERS! But, boy-oh-boy are we having fun!!

Puffy smiles!
Right after naptime. Jay has started sleeping on his tummy more and wakes up puffy.
I think he looks more like me like this. 

Hey Gus!
Jay has finally started laughing at the camera! 

I have no idea what they were doing, but they both look very serious.
Daddio says Jay put the diaper on his head himself. I believe it. 

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