Monday, April 4, 2011

....couldn't be any more fun!

I am really loving our 8th month with Jay! We really couldn't be having any more fun these days if we tried. Here are some highlights...

Jay wanted to tell Aunt Kar-Kar Happy Birthday, so we made a "card". Then we tried to eat it.

Photos with Miriam--this was from my camera since Jay's thing lately is smile right after the flash on mommy's camera. It would have been a good way to get him to smile for Miriam, if it would have worked.

I am LOVING this outfit from SheSheMade. Get ready to see lots of photos this spring featuring the Turkey clad in this ensemble.

We had some post-picture fun with the doggies and Daddio....

A quick trip to Nashville was warranted. Checkin' in to the hotel....

We tried going to Kar-Kar's surprise party as a family. It was too much for Jay--but didn't he look like he was ready for a good time in his party pants?

Off to Mimi's for some fun! (Mimi babysat for a few hours while Mommy and Daddio visited with Nashville folks and celebrated with Kar-Kar.)

Jay's first trip to PUMC and a very very windy family photo in front of the church where we were wed.
Fun with Kelsey and CJ, then back home. We visited the Stovalls too, but were photo-forgetful, but Jay had a fun time!

Notice anything different about Jay? Yep, 4 teeth on top. You can see one here. All 4 came in last week!

On the way home we were talking about Jay's birthday party and I actually teared up. I love being Jay's mommy and love everything about life right now. I am almost a little sad to think about this first year being over. Luckily Daddio snapped me out of it reminding me that after Jay turns 1 we will still love everything and that, too, will be better than we could have imagined. Daddio is wise. :)

We're so fortunate to have a happy, healthy family and so much love! I'm so thankful for all we're blessed with and even Jay's little red cheeks from all of the kisses and snuggles he got from ALL of his family in Nashville this weekend.

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