Wednesday, March 23, 2011

eight is great!

Jay turned 8 months old on Sunday. Sunday was also the first day of Spring---it seemed appropriate that we give Jay an outdoor swing for this birthday. Daddy put it up in the evening, and I didn't think it would be a good idea to introduce Jay to swinging right before bedtime so first thing in the morning we showed Jay his new (and I bet soon to be favorite) toy.

As for life at 8 months, things are pretty steady. He is cutting 4 teeth on top (his first top tooth erupted Monday night, then there are 3 more that are about to come through any second.) So, after nearly 5 months with no more action in the tooth department here come 4 at once. You will note that Sophie has become our closest ally in the battle against achy gums. Jay has only woken up in the night twice with this issue and has napped more some days and less some days. I do not claim to have any explanation for this.

We're moving to 2 jars of food at lunch and 2 at dinner, its a process.

Size 4 diapers are a perfect fit. Probably could have moved to them earlier even.

Jay loves to look out the window at the world that is greening up by the day. He stands on the couch mostly by himself and shouts at everything that moves. Nice.

He has added "Boooo" to his vocabulary and says it every time you say book. He has really been into books the past few days. He only likes boards books and gets mad if you try to read a bigger book like Dr. Seuss with paper pages. He turns the books over and over in his hands and bangs on the pages.

He was singing to the books. Too cute. 

Jay is growing by the day. I have adjusted the highchair straps 3 times in 2 weeks, his new car seat already, oh, and he is about the same size as his buddy the elephant. Wowzers.

See mommy's hand flying into the frame to catch him? He's a wild man. 

Teething is fun. 
Now that you have to keep a child rear facing until age 2, I hope he will still fit in the car backwards until then...

We've also added a new nickname or two- Turkules (Mimi gets credit for that one), Mister T and Jones. I think we might occasionally call him Baby Jay if we're in public, but Turkey or Turk is what he is guaranteed to answer to. Whoops.

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