Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break 2011

We had a great time this past week with a visit from Uncle Charles, Aunt Karla and cousins Kelsey and CJ!

We went to our favorite Mexican place, Jay's 1st trip to the zoo, Mommy and Jay's 1st trip to Dreamland (I know, I couldn't believe it either), pizza and movie night, St.Patty's Day trip to the mall with Reubens at home for dinner! Our company left on Friday morning, but not before a surprise visit from Lisa so she could meet Baby Jay on her way to Mobile. WHEW! What an action packed 3 1/2 days, here are some of the photos I managed to take.


Cousins playing while grown ups got everything together for a day out and about!

Jay LOVED the zoo. About 3-4 hours of stroller and being carried and he was a trooper!

Kelsey impersonating Sophie.

Big kids and goats. Not of the fainting variety. 

Jay keeping watch. I think Charles is explaining fainting goats to Joseph. 


Cousins in the shade.

Mommy really loves this hat. 

Dreamland first-timers! 

Kelsey and CJ were a big help with Jay's care. Here is Kelsey feeding Jay for the first time!

Open wide!
Somehow I didn't take any other pictures on St. Patrick's day. And Friday morning came and went too fast!  Lisa dropped in and was back on her way before we could get a picture. She MUST come back so we can document the visit!

Jay spent Friday afternoon kinda looking around for his audience every time he did something cute. Poor guy he thinks four or five more people should live with us!

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