Friday, February 18, 2011

4, 9, 1, 31, 56, 2-all about numbers

This week, it's all about the numbers.....
I started a little craft project for Easter, then it was suggested I make a few more to see if they sold. In 4 days I sold 4, so back to the craft store I go.
The prototype.

As I mentioned before, Dede has recently become a vendor at Homewood Antiques, so we sent 4 to display. She sold one walking in the door last Saturday afternoon. I couldn't have imagined they would be so popular! I will produce more this week and am creating some additional designs for holidays and special occasions. I will also figure out a better way to photograph them!!

9, 1
Joseph and I celebrated our 9th Valentine's Day together-- but our 1st with Jay!! 

Jay's loot. (Yes, another Lion.)
Daddio helping Gus "sign" Jay's card.

Precious' turn!
Happy little valentine!

Daddio cooked a DELICIOUS meal for Mommy after Jay went to bed!

31, 56, 2
My birthday was Wednesday! Hello, 31! We had to get up extra early to catch our flight to VEGAS! We took our first trip without Jay! I was a bit  nervous but created a set of freakishly detailed thorough instructions for Mimi and Dede and everybody did great! (excessive use of exclamation points, anyone?)

We were gone for 56 hours, ate some great meals, stayed at the Aria which was wonderful and took 2 crappy pictures. Oh well, we have the memories and they are much better than these 2 photos. :)

The King and I. 

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