Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day

I know our little blast of winter is teensy compared to what my friends and fam in Middle Tennessee have experienced, but I didn't want to not-document just because it's been sort of a non-event.

Anyhow, Monday and Tuesday of this week we had a delayed  start Monday was super fun. Tuesday, wouldn'tcha know I had scheduled simultaneous doctor's appointments for Joseph and I for 10 am and preschool didn't begin until 10:30.

So, I am here to testify that you can survive an hour at the dermatologist with a 4.5 and 2.5 year old. 

Thankfully I had a few items from the target dollar spot stashed for emergencies and (miracle of miracles) my iPad was charged.
They were awesome and it was "peasy-easy" as Lizzy likes to say. 

Everyone was excited because the forecast was for a true snow storm to blow into Birmingham on Wednesday. 

We woke up, started a fun family day at home then Joseph and Jay headed out for some early errands (and to get some type of sled) then we waited. We watched all-day news coverage about the 5, 7, 9 inches of snow all over Alabama. And watched it rain at our house all day. 

We played inside and we're just about to say goodnight to our snow-less snow day when we saw a few flakes at 8 o'clock.  

We piled on a few extra layers over our pjs and made the most of our 20 minutes of snow, tossed some snowballs, played on the treehouse then came in for hot chocolate and bedtime.

It was a lot, LOT, LOT of waiting for a little snow. But when you're little even a little snow is a LOT of fun.

Now we've had our fun, delayed days (one more on Thursday) and are ready to jump into spring! 

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