Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Big Machine Day 2015

This past Saturday was a BIG one for us. 

We had our annual women's conference at church so the kids got to play with church buds all morning then as soon as the conference ended we went straight to the McWane Center (our city's children's museum) for their annual Big Machine Day.

The plaza in front of the museum is packed with dozers, differs, and cranes. 

All of the equipments is cleaned and ready for climbing and exploring.

There was even a Birmingham Fire Department ladder truck with every hatch, compartment and door opened for boys and girls to discover. 

We had lots of fun and decided to go ahead and join he museum for the year since Jay and Lizzy are such great ages to experience all the museum has to offer. 

It was a tad windy while we were outside, thus the hat-holding. Ha!

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