Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sick Days and Super Bowl

We've been so fortunate to stay healthy this fall and winter--until this week.

Both kids for ear infections and a case of pinkeye.
First Jay then Lizzy about 72 hours later.

Luckily both are on the mend but we've spent most of the last week at home soaking up some TLC.
And running back and forth from room to room keeping Jay and Lizzy mostly separated. 

It's fair to say that I might have been tended to a little too well when I was home sick as a child. Being the youngest of 4, my mom might have let me stay home just about any time I wanted. She may have also enjoyed spoiling me on those "sick" days--which really left an impression on me and I am certainly passing this tradition on to Jay and Lizzy. 

Getting these two to school this weekly be a struggle! Heck, a morning without breakfast "on a tray" might be a struggle. If you follow me on instagram you'll see a little video I posted about Lizzy's struggle to give up the tray last night. HA!

Joseph called this afternoon and suggested we have a Super Bowl party just for our little family. He'd pick up dinner and the kids and I started making brownies. Jay wanted to make some decorations and before I knew it this is what we'd come up with.

Love this little planner and his fun ideas.
He also wanted to learn how to wash dishes today.
Mommy loves a little helper! (Especially now that he's actually helpful!)

Here's hoping for a great and healthy week ahead and more fun to come with the kiddos! 

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