Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites- Banishing Winter

I'm linking up for Friday Favorites again and saying SEE-YA to old man winter today!
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Well, we finally got our snow day in Alabama.

This week has sealed the deal, I am officially finished with winter for the year.

How do I call it quits on winter before the frost ends for the season? Simple. I change my mind...and a few other things.

1. Say hello to my little friend from The Charleston Soap Chef--Beach Music Honey Butter.

I bought this little jar of goodness in the fall at Market Noel in Birmingham and used it a few times then saved it for now. I knew I had a stash of some wintry scented lotion to work through and thought I would save this Beach Music to carry me into springtime.

I am SO glad I did. Its luscious and creamy and so much more indulgent than the lotions and creams you find at the mall. They have lots of fantastic scents, but I am a card carrying summer-kind-of-girl and this is my favorite.

2. We loaded up on some Essie nail colors at Target a few weeks ago and Lizzy and I have been sporting springtime nails ever since. No greige and taupe for us. Just lilac, pinks, white and shimmer. Springtime is everywhere we look!

3. Swimsuit shopping.

Get them now while the selection is good and just envision yourself with a tan while you're trying on some new pieces for summer. Its also a fun reminder to get back on the healthy eating/exercise bandwagon before spring break and summer time. :)

4. Popsicles aren't just for kids.

I've wanted to try this for about a year. I saw it on a blog or Pinterest or somewhere, so I cant take credit for the genius that is this cocktail. It couldn't be easier or more springtime--Prosecco and a Popsicle (I used LeMarca and a Blue Bell Strawberry Fruit Bar. I will be doing this again. Perhaps soon. Springtime sunset not required.

5.Pinning and Meal Planning

I'm finally embracing Pinterest as a place to gather inspiration and attempt to organize my brain. (Feel free to laugh along with me.)

Mainly I pin recipies and things for the kids and stuff like this...
Yes, my pins are reflecting my mental mind-fame lately.

I started trying to pin summer clothes, but then i realized that I really prefer to spend as much time as possible in my swimsuits in the summer so I am not going to kid myself and think I would prefer getting cutesied up from May-September, I really do hope the above is always true. Life life in a bikini. (this is a pin of a billabong ad. The 20 something beach girl in me loves this website. The 35 year old mom in me uses it for inspiration. Those bottoms are teensy!! But, I digress...)

Along with lightening up for spring break (See #3) I'm also thinking about things that are simple to prepare and things I'll be making at the beach this summer. These biscuit-muffins are sure to be included on that list just because they are so easy to make and would be great for the come-and-go breakfast crew. I'm also pinning quite a few this week, so if easy-beachy recipes speak to you, then feel free to follow me on Pinterest. 

6. Get out of town.
We've already started heading south here and there (like last weekend) , so the best way to get rid of winter is get out of town (if you can). the next best thing would be to plan your vacation, figure out how to fill your spring days and summer nights.

7. Swim School
I booked our swim lessons in Nashville a few weeks ago. I have to tell you if you are in Middle Tennessee, or can get to Middle Tennessee (we make the three hour drive every year just for these lessons)--sign your kids up for Swim Lessons with Brendan Sweetman Swimmers

Its worth every dime, every second, every struggle, every stroke to do this for your children and their safety.

Your children will learn to save their own lives, love the water, swim freely, have fun and maybe even become a fantastic swim teacher one day. (Hey I can only speak from my own experience!! :))

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