Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jay and Lizzy and all that is happening.

It's the last weekend of summer!!

I wish I had scads of pictures to recap life these days, alas, all I have are fragments of memories and funny stories that are filling our days. 

Forgive me while I share some here. 

Lizzy spoke a REAL sentence today. She's been saying "I need" and making a grabbing motion for about a month now when she wants something, and she's also been saying "In there" which really sounds more like "in'nare" when a door is closed ans she can't get it open. 

Tonight she was pulling on the fridge with all of her might saying "In there, in there" from across the room I asked what she wanted and she came from the fridge into the room looked right at me and said "I need in there, MAMA!" clear as a bell. 

Jay is currently asleep in the tent atop the treehouse for the second night in a row. Daddy is with him and may be regretting this little suggestion. 

Jay has been back and forth from the house and tent since yesterday. Lizzy would rather live there and never tries to get out. I believe she will be our happiest camper in years to come. It seems to be in her nature. 

School starts on Monday for Jay, who insists on telling everyone that he "starts Kindergarten on Monday". 

He also says he's 4. Every time he's asked. 

I made fig preserves today with figs from our very own tree we inherited and a recipe shared by my sweet neighbor Mrs. Jones. It was her mother's recipe and it is INCREDIBLE. I feel like I really accomplished something by canning 2 pints of preserves. This may be the start of a new hobby. 

Jay's new favorite snack is Milk Chocolate Chips. He calls them Hershey Kersheys. I have not corrected him. 

Lizzy has discovered baby dolls and has one or two in every room and car. She puts them in strollers, seats, makes a little bed for them on the floor and carries them (often upside down) most of the day. It is a sweet stage. 

Here's the thing about a 3 year old and 17 month old. When playing indoors the 3 year old can now play with one or two things for a good long while, pretending and imagining or building or making something and the 17 month old is all-over-everywhere-whirlwind-dangerous-Tasmanian-devil. Take them outside and it is the exact opposite. Lizzy is content in one little riding toy or mesmerized by her shadow or the wind or a twig and Jay is running, jumping, hey-mom-watch-this-ing at an alarming pace. There is no in-between with these two at this phase of life. 

This could be the reason that pictures are hard to come by these days. We're just so busy. At the end of the day there really isn't a whole lot to show for how busy we've been. Maybe some scribbles of sidewalk chalk, toys scattered from the tree house through the yard...some painted pictures drying in the playroom, kitchen utensils scattered hither and yon and a pile of books in the hall--but I can tell you we are busy as bees all day long. 

We sing and dance and act silly. I've been trying to teach Jay a little more "responsibility" in taking care of things around the house, helping with some jobs as well as doing some fun things like teaching him how to crab walk and give a thumbs-up. 

With Lizzy we spend time trying to sit and listen to most of a book read aloud, learning to pretend, coloring and talking, talking, talking. 

It's off to church in the morning--promotion Sunday and new Sunday Schools for the kiddos. Then wrapping up "summer vacation". 

Jay is so excited for school to begin and I can't help thinking about NEXT Summer and what our days will look like a year from now. I can hardly wait! 


  1. I love what you said about sometimes there is little to show for our busy days but scribbles and messes but they are all so busy. I totally get that. Mine are now 4 and two and its still like that. I LOVE it! I just wish I could push the pause button sometimes. Your kids are adorable.

  2. our little fella loves camping too! I have a post at the New Orleans Moms Blog with a free printable scavenger hunt if you ever want to try that with your little guy! :)