Friday, August 16, 2013

5 on Friday

Another Friday?!?! Okay, here we go!!

1. I'm excited about making mini strawberry pound cakes for the kids' Sunday School teachers on Sunday. I've made this recipe once before and I had forgotten about it! I'll be dressing them up with these tags I blogged about last night. 

2. We've spent the second half of this week with a cold. I am praying for a restful weekend so we can have a normal week next week. It's our last week before preschool starts and I really need to get back to the gym if I'm going to finish a 5k in October.

3. Due to the colds and these being the last few days of summer I am fresh out of fun activities for the kiddos at home. One morning is week I just raided the pantry and headed to the playroom. I gave Jay some glue and told him we were making bird feeders.

I hope the birds like kidney beans and spinach rotini.

4. I got all set to paint the inside of the pantry door with chalkboard paint..then Jay saw it and got SO EXCITED to help me paint the door!!! Note to self: postpone this project until preschool starts. Keep the painting at preschool and in the playroom. This will NOT be a family project.

5. I'm still getting caught up on the blog and have more family recipes to post soon. I foun this pic on my phone and wanted to share.

This is my favorite knucklehead at the gym last week. Oh, to be 3!!!

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