Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday

Another week has come and gone-- I missed last week"s Friday list and link up due to a very poor, pitiful, sickie, Lizzy-Lou. She's recovered from her virus and we're kind of back to normal. If you count Lizzy being spoiled rotten then we are totally back to normal.

Here's my list of 5 highlights from our week. Enjoy!

1. Silhouettes

I had the kid's silhouettes done last week by Erik Johnson. They are perfect.

I should also mention that it took him about 90 seconds per child to cut these. It was remarkable to watch!

2. Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins

These are awesome. I found this recipe when Mel at Larson Lingo guest posted at eighteen25.

I've made them twice and I wouldn't change a thing. They are great, easy and everyone in our house is a member of the clean plate club when we've had these for breakfast.

3. Tomatoes

We dashed into Whole Foods one morning this week to get 2 things. Well, Jay just loooves those tiny carts, so I knew I was going to have some extras, but I never guessed it would be these guys.

Jay (after being prompted by the man stocking the tiny tomato display) tasted one as we went by (I was just standing there shocked)--then asked me "if we can get some, please, Mom" in his sweetest minding-his-manners voice. We got about a pint and Jay snacked on several more before we got to the check out and has eaten them every day since.

These are sweet and delicious and we're all loving them....even if they are ORANGE! Ha!

4. Lizzy

Jay did a bang around day with Daddy on Tuesday so I took Lizzy and our jogging stroller to a local park where lots of 5ks are held to get a feel for running there. It was a good lesson for me to keep up with training and that I can only get better!! After I recovered for a few minutes I took Lizzy over to the playground and she had fun in her own bashful, happy hippie way.

It was a fun way to see what days will be like when Jay starts school in a few weeks. He'll go three days and Lizzy just one. This was the only time (that I can recall) that I've taken sister to do something fun without brother.

5. Jay

He just started saying/singing this one morning this week and I wanted to catch it on video before he learns the right way to taunt someone.

I've linked up with Darci at The Good Life Blog and the gang to share my 5 on Friday with lots of other bloggers. I'll be back soon with more updates from the last few weeks now that Lizzy is well. Happy Friday!


  1. Oh my goodness, those silouhettes are so sweet! They look great on your wall, too. :)

  2. Those silhouettes are precious, but probably because your kiddos are such cuties!