Monday, July 22, 2013

Togetherness {Easter Outfits in July}

Look at these little darlings before church this week! So sweet!


Now, for some other highlights from our photo session--

 Then I said-"Jay, sit up and turn around"--

Then I gave them cookies--

Then Jay quit, then pouted. 

Then came back to try his duck face. 

Then we called it quits and Lizzy was oh-so-thankful


Just another fun Sunday morning. Actually, I took these pictures because they always match for church, but I spend every second of Sunday morning walking on eggshells to try to keep us in an okay mood before going to church, getting everyone ready but not making a big deal about getting them ready for fear they will sense my fear of a meltdown at any moment. So, it's usually a "no pictures, please" kind of morning. 

We're still new at our church and not going to Sunday School, only worship. Lizzy has come a long, long way and is good in the nursery now but all of the service times are tricky because she really would prefer to take a morning nap most days but we skip it so we can get to church. 

Finding a new church is HARD....much harder than I thought it would be. Its hard not to feel out of place or judged when you walk into a new congregation and try to find your way.

It has really helped me to remember why I'm there (simply to worship and learn and listen) and remember that everyone has a first time, virtually everyone has been in my shoes.  To remember that comparison is the thief of joy and if I spend the whole time I'm at church comparing it to another church or comparing myself to others then I am not even giving myself the opportunity to enjoy the service or the time of worship and there's no point in going  to church if you spend the whole time picking it apart and tearing yourself down. 

So, I spend Sunday morning trying to keep myself and the kids in a peaceful mindset, getting everyone ready and bags packed, then the whole way to church pep-talking Jay while trying to remind him of things we can do at church and times that we sit quietly and listen...and praying that it will all be worth it. 

In the end it always is. I'm so glad I'm able to get us all there. I'm glad Lizzy has found comfort in the nursery and laughs and has fun. I'm glad Jay is excited to sit in big church and whisper 7,000 questions to me. I'm also glad he can walk down the hall to worship care and have fun with his teachers there while I listen and learn. 

I'm glad I've found a church that we can call home. 

I'm also glad they like my kiddos in their matching outfits, even if they may be practicing wrestling holds on each other. 

**If you are looking for a new church or considering looking for a new church, I want to encourage you to do it. Confidently walk into the sanctuary this Sunday and experience what God has in store for you. I want you to know I've been there and I know it isn't easy--but it is worth it. God calls us to be a community and share our time and talents with other believers because it helps all of us to hear God's word, meditate and pray in the presence of the Holy Spirit and worship as one. It sanctifies your soul and guides your path. You have much to offer and much to gain by joining a community of other believers and worshiping together. It is my prayer that anyone reading this has a church to call home. I'm praying for each of you.**