Monday, July 8, 2013

Anniversary, Summer Showers and New House

Today's post came about because while prepping for Jay's birthday (read: convincing him that a small party with cousins and a couple of buddies is a fun way to celebrate your birthday and not a reason "lock the door" when everyone comes over.) I realized that today is a blogiversary here at TWOWA.

So, Happy 3rd Anniversary little blog. 

Here's my first post. I always read the first post of any blog I follow or wander over to from the interweb. I don't know why, but I do. so there.

I wish I had some fun exciting news to share to celebrate this occasion, but, alas, like most other Southeasterners we have just been trying to fill the days with what fun we can find. Two weeks of rain and borderline obscene humidity down and at least one more to go according to the forecast.

After being sick for over a week with the stomach bug (Lizzy kept it forever, then Jay over the weekend, then the parents went down early last week), rain, rain and more rain. I've decided to let Jay play in the rain when he wants.

Today we did this.

Rainy sidewalk chalk wearing Mom's boots.

Oh, and he colored them a little.

And since we've been spending so much time INDOORS here's another installment of our home tour.

Enjoy our living room and dining room. Welcome!

The tour of the kitchen and more is here, if you missed it.

If you have any questions, ask away in the comments! I love to hear from y'all and I'm always happy to share resources!

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  1. Is there an email address to get in touch with you?