Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

Here we are at another Friday and here's my 5! I'm loving this link up!

1. Amazon Prime
We joined Amazon Prime last week (to save $150 on shipping on some swingset stuff) and last night discovered the ZILLIONS of FREE shows available instantly! So far I love it and I might just try to get into Dowton Abbey. (Your welcome, Patience)

2. Lizzy's hair.

This is totally NOT my favorite toddler hairstyle, but I have had to take action against her hair constantly hanging in her face. This too shall pass.

3. I already posted about Jay finding "Itty Bitty Gary" earlier this week upping out pet snail count to 3. Well, the next day our snail count jumped to somewhere around 15. So congratulate us if you must. Its all kind of weird and gross, but in case you're interested this is what a one day old snail looks like.

Science, folks. You're welcome.

4. Socks. Why can't we just buy a pack of 6 socks that are 6 of the same socks? What happened to that?

This drive me nuts.

5. I've decided to run a 5K in the fall. I've started "training" at the gym and hope to decide and register for my 1st race this week. Ahhh!

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  1. Good luck training for the 5k - you will do awesome. I hope you share your journey with us!