Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jay's Birthday Week-Day 3

So, today has been a normal (?) day for us, but we're trying to make include something fun for Jay everyday this week.

We started off by a visit to the gym, then on the way home Jay told me he wanted to go Trick-or-Treating; this makes me think that he is in fact my child because now that we're 2 days out from his birthday party BOTH of us apparently have our next big fun event on the brain. Atta boy.

We also took a trip to a snack buffet  Publix where the kids enjoyed watermelon samples (twice), cake samples (twice), some chicken and potatoes that were part of a demo and the complimentary cookies from the bakery. (Side note: did y'all know that not only will Publix give kids a complimentary cookie but Chicken Tenders as well?!? We skipped that today, but just something to remember next time you have a crying/hungry/screaming/or otherwise ill-tempered little shopper with you.)

(Not that we go to Publix to be fed, but sometimes it just works out like that.)

(And I spend quite a bit of $ there, so I don't feel bad about it one little-bitty bit.)

We came home for a (late) lunch, played outside on our new swings (yes, a treehouse post is coming in the near future) and back inside for rest.

Tacos for dinner, per Jay's request, a fun visit from Mrs. Kimberlee, and a surprise "find" rounded out our night. 

Jay decided Kimberlee needed a lesson in Hide and Seek. 

"You put your eyes on da wall....count to 7...then say Ready? Here I co-ome!"

Then as we waved goodbye to our guest and walked inside Jay stopped, squatted down and shrieked- "Awwww, he's so cute! Look, It's Itty-Bitty Gary!"

and just like that the pet snail count moves to 3. 

It's awesome turning 3, dontcha think?

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