Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day weekend

We had a lovely low-key Mother's Day around here. Daddy and Jay picked up breakfast while I got ready for church. The kids and I went to church, Daddio did his yard work, we ate lunch at home, kids napped and I caught up on laundry and began straightening out my closet.

(We moved in 8ish months ago and I just literally threw clothing and like items in our closet and randomly in dressers and have refused to address the situation until now. I've bought new socks 3 times since and could only find three odd socks this week, so to say that it was time for action is the understatement of the year.)

We did manage to play outside a bit. Lizzy was finishing her nap and Jay and I played...well, it turned into Daddio and I trying to teach Jay some ball games, which turned into Daddio and I trying to kick one of those giant bouncy balls as high and far as we could. Jay was tinkering with toys and play lawn tools, neither parent was injured all is well.

In other "news" Jay is on a taco-kick of epic proportions. I think we are on day 4 or 5 of dinner...he's had a few sandwiches at lunch but only after he's convinced that a taco isn't a logical choice.

"Son, we're at the Zoo and Mommy can't carry tacos in the diaper bag. They'll break. Eat your sandwich."

(I mean, I'm sure I could tote tacos around all over town, but we must draw the line somewhere. For now.)

Speaking of the zoo....I'm losing ground here. Until now, I've sort of been in control of our agenda, how long we stay, etc. um, that's basically over.

We wandered and wandered this time and I as attempted to get nearer the exits, I'll be darned if Jay didn't discover more, and more and MORE to do. So, although we live about 10 minutes from the zoo, I believe our trips will be no less than 4 hours from now on. But, they are a fun 4 hours, so I'm not complaining! Pack a snack, Liz.

So, that was our Mother's Day weekend. I'd love to share a pic of shiny, happy people, but at this stage of life busting out the camera for a family pic causes my people to become not exactly shiny and less than happy.

Here's a self pic from the train at the zoo instead! Lizzy can now say "choooo-choooooo"!

P.S. as for our mothers--I mailed Mimi a gift and Dede and I exchanged gifts on Thursday as she opted for a trip to the casino for Mother's Day. Just so we don't look like non-mom-loving heathens......

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