Friday, January 4, 2013

some funnies these days

Just wanted to make a note of some funny things seen and heard around the house these days...

a few days before Christmas, Daddy asked Jay what Santa says--his response, "Merry Christmas, Ho." 
Said like a gangsta.

Jay was "working" on the computer in the office and I was trying to get him to stop--his response, "Wait me a second. (pointer finger extends) JUST WAIT ME A SECOND!"

Jay was getting onto Gus one recent morning. Gus was oblivious and Jay was following behind him-- "Gus, do you HEAR ME TALKING TO YOU?!?!"

Jay is constantly looking for/listening for deer. He also pretends to see one and gets his ultimate surprise face going and points and says, "Look a deer!!" (You respond in surprise and ask where??) "Deer! 'Hind you!! In da bushes!! Hiding!! Shhh!" Just the same exact way. A thousand times a day.

He will tell anyone, anywhere that "Daddy gone hun-tin'. Daddy no find deer. Big deer hiding in da bushes."

Lots of things these days are "not for mommy--jus' Jay and Daddy" like overalls, "Monster Truck" (daddy's new truck), hashbrowns, etc.

Not that I'm proud, but the first and most common pretend game Jay played is "drive-thru" he always orders "chick-chick and hash browns with lemonade and dip-it please sirs".

Sir is always plural and knows no age or gender. 

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