Friday, December 14, 2012


On my knees, alone in my dining room I recited The Lord's Prayer 27 times over.

I couldn't bring myself to sing "Jesus Loves Me" when I put the kids to bed tonight. I just couldn't make the words come out--my heart felt like it would burst. 

I've prayed with every fiber of my being today for those who are suffering both from today's tragic events and those who are heartbroken, afflicted, grieving or lost for any other host of reasons. 

I pray that the light of Christ will burn brightly in the darkest depths of grief.

I pray that the light of Christ will light the way to teach the world a great many lessons from today's terrible headlines and stories. 

I pray that the light of Christ will shine in me and reflect onto everyone I'm close to and every single person who may cross my path. 

Lord, let your light shine and remove darkness from every corner of the Earth, from every secret place in our souls from the most forgotten depths of every heart. Now and Forever. Amen. 

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