Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas 2012 {in pictures}

Some Holiday Highlights from Christmas 2012....

The kids and I went to Nashville for the weekend in early December and were able to catch the Donelson Christmas parade with Mimi, Karla and Kelsey. CJ and Charles represented the cub scouts and we met up with the Frye's at a parade watching party.

Charles driving the scouts! 
CJ front and center on the float

 Dede and I took Jay, Lizzy and Davis to see Weston and Jen represent their cub scout pack in the Homewood Christmas Parade.

We continued the holiday tradition of decorating some Christmas cookies at Dede's.
He cooks AND snacks

If you only knew how many photos I oh my.

Lizzy, allow me to introduce you to our friend icing. 

We traveled to Nashville again for a stay at Opryland, checked out the lights with Karla, Kelsey and CJ then Christmased with the family the next day at Charles and Karkar's. 
Hotel check in. 

I wish I knew what Lizzy and CJ were chatting about. 


Checking out the giant tree.

Elephant+Jay= Roll Tide!

Someone loved her 1st Christmas!

CJand Kelsey sorting gifts. Jay unsorting gifts.

Christmas Eve we had a festive time at our house with Jen, Sean, Weston, Davis, Dede, Papa, Gina, Isabella and Lucy. 

Christmas Morning we opened gifts and found surprises from Santa.

We wrapped up Christmas day at Dede and Papa's with lunch and presents!

Thankfully, I got a new camera for Christmas!!

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