Saturday, January 12, 2013


I have gotten to spend a teensy amount of quality time with a few friends over the past few weeks and in our broken-sentenced, train-of-thought-derailed, constantly-interrupted conversations a few truths have emerged about us. and life. and motherhood/wifehood/friendhood.

Their sentiments are mine and we all seem brought down at different times for different reasons.

Oh, the guilt. 

We wonder how to ever be the mom our kids deserve. The women our moms wish they could've been.The wife our husbands want. The friend we'd like to have. The housekeeper we dream to be. The one who has it all together and still manages to be sweet and kind and cute and thoughtful. Never overwhelmed, overworked nor overtired.

But sometimes, we feel like we are not enough. Sometimes, we feel the guilt creeping in and feel guilty about feeling guilty. Sometimes, we allow other's standards, bragging rights and ideals make us wonder if we'll ever have "it" all together.

Whatever "it" is. 

I am reminded that I am enough. She is enough. You are enough. Each of us is exactly enough. God's divine wisdom and planning made me enough of this and you enough of that.
All different.
All perfect.
Better together.

And when the world pulls us down and the guilt of a life that is not ours weighs on our shoulders we have to see the beauty in what it truly is...

We feel "down", "sinking" types of feelings and we shouldn't ever be ashamed for that is our Lord and Creator whispering to us. Whispering that these feelings, comparisons  guilt, are too much for us to carry. Too heavy of a burden and we are to lay them down.

Right at His feet.

Lay them down and not pick them up again. Lay them down and raise ourselves up. That's all he wants us to do. When we have feelings that we feel we shouldn't have the guilt can be a blessing. That guilt is your cue to drop this load you've put on yourself and walk in the Light.

You are enough. 

How wonderful that the Lord takes our burdens and whispers for us to let them go, give them to Him for they are not meant for us. We have all that we need. Far more than we deserve.

We are enough. 


  1. this is a great post I am constantly comparing my self and judging my self. thank you. I am enough!!!

    1. Yes, my friend, you are!! Glad this could be a reminder. :)