Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Joy of Christmas [via BassPro Shops]

So Daddy called yesterday afternoon and suggested this....

sorry its blurry, but you get the drift....

So after dinner we set of into the drizzly night to visit Santa and basically knock Jay's socks off. 

Here are the pics of our Santa pics. One that's "okay"

 and a funny...
Jay asked Santa for a toolbox and when Santa asked what Lizzy wanted Jay told him Minnie Mouse. Check and check. 

We checked out lots of fun things and Jay had a really good time. He wanted to go to the hunting club after, but we had to try to talk him out of it. He has asked to go back to the hunting store about 76,000 more times however. 

On a related note, Daddy picked Jay up from school on Thursday and this is how Jay looked when he got out of Daddy's truck at home--

 So, so, SO HAPPY!

Needless to say he wore them every day in Nashville at some point. So much for our cute matchy-matchy Christmas outfits. (and no, Lizzy did NOT get a matching set. thank goodness.)

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