Monday, December 3, 2012

Fall Roundup/Thanksgiving 2012

I just realized I didn't mention Thanksgiving....mainly because the kids were just barely recovered from sick-fest 2012. Good golly- I think we missed all of November--but I do have a few pictures to share.

Jay missed most of the month of school, but the first day back came home with most of the crafts. Mrs. Beth didn't let him miss anything. This headband was his FAVORITE.
 Oh, the leaves we have!

I've been letting Jay help bake with me on occasion....

 We came up with this cake fanciness for Thanksgiving. It was old-school and Jay loved doing it.

We celebrated Papa's birthday at Jen and Sean's

And Dede's Birthday at our house.....
 I was taking the pictures before I realized Jay was shirtless. We had just eaten Spaghetti. Sorry.Real life, folks. I found his shirt before the cake came out.
I looked outside one day and saw this father-son bonding going on---

I'm sad the kids didn't get to go out and about more in their She She Made turkey shirts. They are my favorite!

We spent Thanksgiving at Jen and Sean's, then Jay and Daddy went to the hunting club for the night. I got Jay on Friday and Karla, Mimi, Kelsey, CJ and Matt came down on Sunday for the day. I cooked, we had a great time and I failed to take a single stinkin' picture.

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