Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just days away..

Lizzy will be here this week. FRIDAY if she waits for our scheduled c-section.

I am basically in wait and worry mode. No to-do's left on the list--except for find a house, have a baby....just trying to occupy Jay so he doesn't pick up on the winds of change in the air. Trying to occupy a 19.5 month old while 3 days from your due date is HARD. I knew it would be and will be so happy once Lizzy is here and the two-week-no-lifting ban is over. I feel like we're just biding our time, waiting for this train to take off...

..if you're wondering, yes, the kids Easter baskets are done. :) I got Lizzy a basket to match jay's from Catherine Burnett at Pink Peeps place. You can find her facebook here and her blog here. She's such a sweet friend whom I've gotten to know through the JLT and she makes great Easter baskets. This is not a great photo, but you can see the other side of Jay's here and Lizzy's matches. More photos to come once the kids open them. They both get new bathing suits courtesy of SheSheMade (Anavini) and Lizzy got another cute pink ruffled suit, sun hat and shades from Target, just like Jay got for his first Easter. They also are getting small toys and Jay has plenty of candy--oh, and this hooded towel from Target. :) Summer here we come!! :)

Jay is sweet and funny these days and busy as a bee. I hear "I CLIIIIIMMMB" many more times than I want to every day. He shouts this as he is climbing on everything in sight as he struggles to keep balance and not get caught. Word to the wise buddy--shouting "I CLIMB" alerts Mommy of your intentions and draws attention, but I really appreciate the heads up as I am moving at a snails pace most of the time.

We put Lizzy's bed up this week (can't you hear Jay shouting as he tries to climb in??) Jay just saw it and said "Lizzy bed." yes, buddy that's Lizzy's bed. It seemed too easy, I am waiting for the moment I find him in it or on it any day now.

The time changed this week and trying to adjust for Jay and re-train his bedtime while 40 weeks preggo is for the birds. The reality is that Mommy and Daddio will be at the hospital all weekend and bedtime will be up to Dede anyway. I'm not going to fight it, we'll work on that later...like in 3 or 6 months when Lizzy has an actual bedtime and it's time to change back again. :) Take that, folks who decided we should change the time back and forth twice a year. Ha. 

Bags are packed, I think Jay is prepared (sort of) for us being away for a few days...and now we wait. This pregnancy has been smooth, fast and a tad more painful (lots of movement from this little gal PLUS everyone says 2nd, 3rd and 4th pregnancies are just more painful than the one before....no one tells you that before you conceive again, by the way). No blood pressure issues this time--a). It's not the middle of summer, b). I'm a full-time mom now instead of a full-time employee of the Alabama Athletic Department, c). I chase a toddler all day--I really don't know the reason, but I am glad for a healthy 40 weeks and continue to pray for a sweet, healthy daughter at the end of the week.

I appreciate your prayers for all of us as we transition from zone coverage to man-to-man defense.

P.S. we also had a fun trip to the Zoo this week to celebrate our cousin Davis' 3rd birthday!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe the time is here!! Can't wait to "meet" Lizzy! Praying for you all during this time and transition. And I Love the Easter baskets - such fun stuff!