Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh, how marvelous! oh, how wonderful!

I'm overwhelmed by God's grace and blessings this Easter. Mostly with the amazing gift that IS Easter and the gift that was entrusted to Daddio and I to love and care for and call our son. Here is a mostly photo recap of our Easter weekend....

Saturday morning Jay met the Easter Bunny for breakfast at the Birmingham Zoo. Well, Jay had already eaten, but Mommy, Daddio, Jennifer, Sean, Weston and Davis all went along for breakfast and to meet the big guy. It was a great way to spend the morning. Great job by the Birmingham Zoo, the event was very organized and we even got a private animal show to meet Batman the chinchilla and What's-his-name the tortoise.

We were all just a tad afraid that Jay might try to squish Batman, but he did very well and patted him very gently. WHEW!

Jay loves lions. The lion was especially active Saturday morning and  we watched him for a long time. 

Jay finally conked out in the stroller and this was pretty much the only nap he had all day.

Jay's 1st Easter Basket! Sunglasses, books, bubbles, bunnies, plastic pants, swim trunks.

Thanks EB for the shades!!

Sunday morning we went to church as a family, took some photos and had a late lunch at Dede and Papa's with the extended family.

Jay and Dede and Papa's dog, Puddin'. 

Gus is getting better, but we still are not photo ready. 

Precious lets Jay climb all over her. She's come a long way in 5 years. 

The Easter Bunny came to Dede and Papa's too!

Jay loves his cousins!
Oh, how marvelous! Oh, how wonderful!

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