Thursday, March 22, 2012

Here she is!!

Lizzy is here and we have 7 zillion pictures to prove it!

Just before..

And After...

Lizzy came into the world at 12:37 p.m., 20 and 3/4 inches long weighing 8 pounds.

Everything went great with the delivery and I can't imagine things going more smoothly as we transition from a family of 3 to 4.

Friday, March 16
Jay stayed with Aunt Jenn and Davis while we went to the hospital. Dede and Papa waited for Lizzy to arrive and got to meet her, then Charles, Karla, Kelsey and CJ arrived in the afternoon and Jenn, Davis Sean and Weston got to come meet our little Miss Lizzy. We also got a visit from Mr. Pete and Mrs. Gloria.

Saturday, March 17
Dede brought Jay to the hospital and he got to meet his baby sister, although he was more interested in exploring we did manage a few photos and he talked to her a little bit.

Just as we anticipated.

Sunday, March 18
Daddy went to pick up Jay and have lunch, then came to the hospital for a much better visit. Jay was very interested in seeing and playing with his baby sister and even gave her a kiss!

Kate and Malley, Ryan, Brandi, Lily Kate and Layla came to visit while Jay was there and Jay, Malley and Lily Kate had a little banana-eating party.

Mr. Dan and Mrs. Heather came to visit as well, but we forgot to take any pictures.

Monday, March 19
Mommy, Daddio and Lizzy were more than ready to come home to Jay so we got rolling early and were discharged, packed up and home by lunch!

Daddio and his shadow. 

Jay was so exhausted from playing in his new chair that he decided to sleep in it!

Tuesday, March 20
Jay woke up to remember that his baby sister was home and he was so excited!!

All is well on the homefront. We've been to the doctor with Lizzy who was a bit yellow, but that seems to be clearing up. We're working on getting her days and nights straightened out and hoepfully will be on a good schedule soon. Jay is loving the attention and staying busy with Dede.


  1. She is SO precious and looks adorable in her sheshe gown!! I love the pictures of Jay...too cute. And you look great!! Beautiful family. Congrats!! :)

  2. so happy to see everyone's smiling faces!!! lizzy is precious :) looks like you're doing great, no surprise there... :)))