Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Favorite Day of the Year! (Preschool Program 2014)

So sweet.

Tender voices.

Nervous bouncing.

Waves and smiles.

We (I) LOVE preschool music programs.

We also love Jay's incredible teacher, Mrs. Phillips!

The theme this year was Our Special Garden.

If you follow me on instagram you know that Jay had been cast as a spider and came home with instructions to wear ORANGE. So today was special for a number of reasons and will also be the first time either of the West kiddos have donned anything between coral and brown on the color spectrum.

He was cute as could be anyway!

He also did a great job!

 Dad was out of town and couldn't get back so Lizzy and I along with Jen, Dede and Papa went to cheer him on.

(Bonus points to Papa for being the very first person there this morning! Thanks for reserving our seats, Papa!)

The whole group did great! The music director at our preschool is something else. The fact that thirty-ish 3 and 4 year olds knew how to walk in, preform 15-20 songs and show their adoring audience how much fun and growing and learning they've been doing at school is just amazing. So proud of this group, the teachers and Jay's class this ear they have really grown up a lot!

I'm linking the videos below for my posterity's sake. I'm also hoping someone can show Mimi sometime when they are with her.


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