Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Random thoughts on a sick day...

I can remember back in the 80's my mom had a lady named Marcy who would come to our house and do my mom's (fake) nails. I think Marcy also sold Kirby vacuums too. I was just thinking, man, I sure could use a Marcy. (which reminds me, I need to have the vacuum serviced.)

We're in countdown mode (sorta) for the big M-O-V-E. more like Joseph is here til just about bedtime every evening and I have already mentally moved.  Except physically we aren't there yet. It's not the best way to be.

I think in the blur of selling our old house, having a baby and life with two kids I had forgotten how busy Fall can be. It seems like everything fun I've wanted to do for the past few months is happening on Sept. 22- and I will likely be up past my eyeballs in boxes, unpacking and exploring the new house with the kiddos.

That is, if these two kiddos ever get better. They've both had runny noses and a cough on and off for 10+ days. I finally took both tithe doc today to get them better. We came home and changed into Halloween pj's and have been resting with the hope of being well on the road to recovery in the morning.

Getting a VERY busy 2 year old to rest is far more difficult than one would think. We've spent lots of time buckled into the booster seat slowly enjoying snack and strolled around the block looking for every cat, bird and butterfly in West-Central Alabama. Maybe it would be easier if either of them actually seemed like they felt sick, but they seem fine-just yucky noses and a little cough.

Which brings me to Halloween- I'm thinking Mickey and Minnie Mouse for their costumes this year. Jay is on board with being Mickey but he wants Mommy to be Minnie. (Woody and Jessie are also in the running if you ask Jay.) We'll see what they actually are when the big day actually gets here. It will be here before we know it!

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