Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Great Day at school

On this, Jay's 9th day of The Two Year Old Class at preschool, we had a first--

No Timeouts!! It's just a little funny because we had not yet started timeout at home, so when he first got put in timeout at school, he thought it was new and neat. Then we would discuss it at home and he also thought that was neat...oy.

So, after spending Thursday afternoon until Tuesday morning repeating "be good at school" and "no timeouts" he finally got a good report. 

Who knows what Thursday will bring, but today we went to Pet Smart after school to look at the kitties, fish, guine pigs, etc. as a treat for Jay's good behavior. 

Another first-Lizzy sat in the "seat" of the cart for the first time. (we didn't plan this one,  Pet Smart carts are the smaller kind and her toes were definitely in danger if  she rode in her carrier.)

I just wanted to remember how big they seemed today. Time is flying!

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