Thursday, September 6, 2012


Lizzy's 5 (and a half)  months old!!

Such a joy this little gal is.

She's eating 3 meals in the high chair these days and taking 2 or 3 bottles. Napping three times a day, mostly.
It's a little harder to outline her schedule like I did for her brother as we are on the go so much more these days.

She giggles, goos and smiles all the time. Oh, and drools. and DROOLS, my how she does slobber.

Rolling over and over she gets frustrated when she is limited by the confines of the crib and pack and play.

She loves watching Jay and he loves talking to her and has learned is learning how to be a sweet big brother-making her smile and laugh and saying "No worry Lizzy, Mommy comin' " when she's crying or fussy.

She loves LOVES  the dogs and Precious has appointed herself to the role of Lizzy guardian. Much to Jay and Gus's dismay.

Thank HEAVEN FOR LITTLE GIRLS!! We just love  her to pieces!

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