Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I like you hair cut

That's quite the compliment. You see, Jay knows exactly one compliment. He pats your head and looks you dead in the eye and says "I like your hair cut" or more accurately, "I like-a you hair cut. I like-a your hair cut, Mommy." Then he will go around the room to everyone and do the same thing. Including Lizzy, who obviously has never had a hair cut.

Perhaps the funniest thing about it is the way he uses it to change the subject. For instance, if it's time to go to bed and we say, "Okay, Jay, let's get blank-blank and get ready for bed." we're met with these compliments before we can finish the sentence. Too funny.

On a related note fella got a (much needed) hair cut today and did a really good job sitting (mostly) still and doing what Mrs. Brandi asked him to do. :)

Here are the before and afters--


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