Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fantastic 4 {lizzy}

Here we are at 4 months!

We had a great checkup and are in the 95th percentile across the board. Translation: we make whoppers.

Height: 25 3/4
Weight: 17 pounds 5 ounces
Clothes: Mostly 9 month, but there are some 6 month dresses and 12 month dresses we are wearing as well, but pjs and things with snaps are 9 months.
Diaper: Moved to size 3 just a few days after the 4 month mark

{as a comparison Jay was 26" and 17 pounds 12 ounces at his 4 month}

She is still very smiley, just rolled over all the way today, and not wild about the car.
A drool machine these days and the pacifier is less-than-pacifying. Its sort of a joke to see how fast she can chew on it or send it shooting across the room or car. She is "chewing" on her hands but not (yet) sucking on them the way Jay does. I keep a paci with us anyway in the hope that it might work in a pinch if I need it.

She got a few shots at her checkup and was definitely a different baby for 3-4 days. It was rough, but we all made it through. She's back to her giggly, jiggly self now.

I've seen a little bit of "anxiety" in her when I am not in her sight. It is so funny because really when I am around she never very very rarely cries at all. I have handed her off a few times to friends or Dede in the last week or two and if she can't see me she loses it. To the point that you think something has hurt her or that she may never stop, then as soon as she sees me, its history. I just think its a tad early to see that, so I hope it is over soon, I want her to enjoy everyone's love and attention, not just mine. 

We're starting the exersaucer tomorrow because someone was very fussy this evening when laying down but a bucket of sunshine when sitting up, so I think its time.

We've started veggies and so far her preference seems to be sweet potatoes, peas, squash then green beans. She's eating a veggie and rice cereal twice a day and we will work through the veggies and fruits and up to three meals a day over the next 6 weeks. She really likes eating from a spoon and I think we will get the third meal in sooner rather than later. 

Her days look like this-

7-7:30 wakes, sweetly and smiley
8 meal in high chair
8:15 playtime in pack n play with toys
9:30 5-6 oz bottle(some days she only wants half), burp, awake
10 nap
11:30-12 awake {we're usually out running errands or in the car at this time of day, if not she plays in the pack n play
12:30-1 7 ounce bottle, burp
1:30 napping (she usually falls asleep while I am getting Jay to sleep)
3:15 wakes, plays, watches Jay eat snack
3:30 7 ounce bottle, plays in whatever room Jay is in
5:00 naps again, probably fell asleep in the pack n play while I put her down to do something with/for Jay
6:30 up, high chair meal while we all have dinner then play with Daddy or pack n play while we clean up, bathe Jay
8:00 bath, play
8:20 5 or 6 ounce bottle, burp, bed for the night

That's 2 meals and 4 bottles and 3 naps. I suspect by the 5 month post we will be 3 meals and 3 bottles, 3 naps.

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