Sunday, July 22, 2012

House Progress this weekend

Here's the house this week! 

 That's a ROOF people!! The roof that was roofed in a day! Yipee!  The trim has been painted (black) and they will finish the windows tomorrow and paint the exterior. Insulation begins this week followed by drywall. Cabinets are being constructed. Tubs are in. Rough estimations have us moving in 6 weeksish. 

I took the kids to the Zoo this morning. Lizzy napped in the stroller and Jay and I saw some animals we rarely see. We went the opposite direction we usually go and I sort of let Jay direct us. There were about 20 people there when we got there and maybe 100 by the time we left. It was awesome. 

The rest of our plans for ending "birthday week" include opening his presents that he opened at his party yesterday and chilling at home. 

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